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Photos: Space-Age Jewelry and Cosmic Bling

Gibeon Meteorite Mirror

Courtesy of the artist

Gibeon meteorite mirror by John Hatleberg, American. [Read the Full Story]

Halley’s Comet Brooches

Collection of Deborah Hewitt

Group of Halley’s Comet brooches by unknown makers from the early–mid-20th century; made of gold, paste stone, chrome-plated pot metal, rhinestone, sterling silver, costume pearl, gilt pot metal, yellow-foiled glass cabochons, vermeil sterling, stainless steel, goldtone, silvertone, metal, resin, and glitter. [Read the Full Story]

Moon Phase Necklace

Courtesy of the artist

Moon phase necklace by Genevieve Yang, American; made of oxidized sterling silver and palladium. [Read the Full Story]

Moon Landing Pendant

Van Cleef & Arpels Collection

Moon Landing Pendant by Van Cleef & Arpels, French, 1969; made of yellow gold and ruby. [Read the Full Story]

Rocket fuel beverage

Courtesy of the artist

Rocket fuel beverage server by Mark Rooker, American; made of sterling silver, anodized aluminum and enamel paint. [Read the Full Story]

Yuri Gagarin and Neil Armstrong Bracelet

J. Gold & Co., New York City

Yuri Gagarin and Neil Armstrong bracelet, Unknown maker, American, 1960s Silvertone metal, Private Collection. [Read the Full Story]

Time Traveler Constellation Cuff

Courtesy of the artist

Time traveler constellation cuff by Jason Mcleod, American; made of 14k yellow gold, 18k yellow gold, platinum and turquoise. [Read the Full Story]

West Point Ring Worn in Space

Courtesy of the West Point Class of 1978

West Point ring worn in space by astronaut Edward White, made by L. G. Balfour Co., American, of 14 kt gold. White wore this ring as the first American to walk in space during the Gemini 4 mission. He tragically died in the Apollo 1 fire. [Read the Full Story]

Star Pendant

Courtesy of the Lender

Star pendant by Steven Kretchmer, American; made of diamond, polarium, platinum, 20k gold, and 18k yellow gold. [Read the Full Story]

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