Hubble Telescope's Hidden Photo Treasures: 2012 Winners Gallery

Tenth Prize: Nikolaus Sulzenauer, Dwarf Galaxy IC 10

Nikolaus Sulzenauer/NASA & ESA

Nikolaus Sulzenauer produced this image of dwarf galaxy IC 10

First Prize, Basic Image Searching Category: Brian Campbell, NGC 6300


There were 1619 entries in the basic competition. This allowed the public to search and find amazing Hubble pictures even if they didn’t have the skills to fully process these themselves. Brian Campbell located this image of NGC 6300.

Second Prize, Basic Category: Alexey Romashin, V* PV Cephei


Alexey Romashin located this image of V* PV Cephei, a variable star of Orion type.

Third Prize, Basic Category: Luca Limatola, IRAS 14568-6304


Luca Limatola located this image of IRAS 14568-6304

Fourth Prize, Basic Category: Kathlyn Smith, NGC 1579


Kathlyn Smith located this image of reflection nebula NGC 1579.

Fifth Prize, Basic Category: Adam Kill, B 1608+656


Adam Kill located this Hubble image of B 1608+656.

Sixth Prize (Tie), Basic Category: Kathy van Pelt, NGC 4490


Kathy van Pelt located this Hubble image of galaxy NGC 4490.

Sixth Prize (Tie), Basic Category: Ralf Schoofs, NGC 4217


Ralf Schoofs located this Hubble image of edge-on spiral galaxy NGC 4217.

Eighth Prize, Basic Category: Matej Novak, NGC 6153


Matej Novak located this Hubble image of NGC 6153.

Ninth Prize, Basic Category: Gavrila Alexandru, NGC 7814


Gavrila Alexandru located this Hubble image of NGC 7814.

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