NASA's Undersea 'Asteroid' Mission NEEMO 16 in Photos

EVA team work for NASA NEEMO16

ESA / Herve Stevenin (ESAstro_trainer)

ESA Astronaut Timothy Peake (left) and NASA astronaut Dorothy Lindenburger (right) testing the installation of a Geophysicial Array on an Asteroid. Tim is secured by the feet to a Portable Foot Restraint carried by a mini Sub (piloted by NASA astronaut Serena Aunon, simulating a Space Exploration Vehicle, While Dottie is wearing a Jetpack.

Public Affair Office Live Video

ESA / Herve Stevenin (ESAstro_trainer)

ESA astronaut Timothy Peake during his video conference communication from Aquarius with the UK Space Environment Conference about UK Research & Education for Space and Terrestrial Benefit, in Aberdeen, Scottland.

At the Eye of Aquarius

NASA / Mark Widick

Herve Stevenin as NEEMO Working Diver, close to the Aquarius "eye" during the NEEMO 16 mission. A Jules Verne dream dive.

"Fly Me to an Asteroid..."

ESA / Herve Stevenin (ESAstro_trainer)

A NEEMO 16 EVA Crew GO for Asteroid Exploration. From left to right: NASA astronaut Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger, Andrew Abercromby (NASA Deputy Project Manager for the Multi Mission Space Exploration Vehicle) and ESA astronaut Timothy Peake.

NEEMO 16 Aquanauts on Way to Asteroid Analog Mission

ESA / Herve Stevenin (@ESAstro_trainer)

This picture was taken during the splash down of the NEEMO 16 Aquanauts (ESA Astronaut Timothy Peake, NASA Astronaut Dorothy Lindenburger, NEEMO 15 & 16 Aquanaut Steve Squyres and JAXA Astronaut Kimiya Yui heading down to their Aquarius habitat for an immersed exploration mission of 12 days.

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