Photos: Europe's ATV Robotic Space Cargo Ships

ATV Death Dive


An artist's illustration of ESA's Jules Verne ATV breaking up during its Sept. 29, 2008 reentry.

European Cargo Ship Departs Space Station


Jules Verne ATV is seen backing away from the International Space Station from inside the ATV Control Centre (ATV-CC) in Toulouse, France. Europe's first ATV undocked from the ISS at 23:29 CEST (21:29 UT) on 5 September 2008.

From Earth to the Station: Europe's First Space Cargo Ship

An artist's interpretation of Europe's first Automated Transfer Vehicle Jules Verne as it approaches the International Space Station. ESA/D. Ducros 2007

Europe's 'Jules Verne' Cargo Ship to Launch Tonight


Europe's new unmanned cargo ships will resupply the space station.

Europe Sets Launch Plan for First Unmanned Cargo Ship


Artist's impression showing an ATV docking with the International Space Station.

HEAVIEST ATV to Orbit: What's in it?


ESA's Johannes Kepler ATV, due to launch February 15, 2010, is the heaviest spacecraft that Europe has ever launched, find out whats inside.

Orbital Traffic Jam Looms for Space Station


This artist's concept, featuring an older space station configuration, depicts ESA's Jules Verne Automated Transfer Vehicle arriving at the ISS.

Europe Sends Huge New Robot Space Freighter to Launch Site


ATV-2 Johannes Kepler being shipped at night on May 10, 2010.

Europe's Heavy Hauler Begins Space Station Run


Named after the German mathematician and astronomer Johannes Kepler, the European Space Agency’s Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) will haul freight to the International Space Station. It launches on ESA’s Ariane 5 rocket from French Guiana.

Ariane 5 Rocket on Launch Pad with ATV Johannes Kepler

ESA - S. Corvaja, 2011

The Ariane 5 ES launcher photographed on 14 February 2010 during transfer from the Final Assembly Building (BAF) to the Launch Zone (ZL-3), at the Ariane Launch Complex no. 3 (ELA-3) of the Guiana Space Centre, Europe's space port.

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