Photos: Mars Volcano Views Revealed by Spacecraft

Habitable Hotspots on Mars? Volcano Vents May Be Signs

NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/JHU-APL/Brown Univ. [Full Story]

This volcanic cone in the Nili Patera caldera on Mars has hydrothermal mineral deposits on the southern flanks and nearby terrains, hinting that it may be the most recent habitable hotspot on Mars. Two of the largest deposits are marked by arrows, and the entire field of light-toned material on the left of the cone is hydrothermal deposits.

Five Volcanic Episodes On Mars Identified by Scientists

This Martian plain, Daedalia Planum, is located south of Arsia Mons, one of the three giant volcanoes that make up the Tharsis Montes. Credits: ESA/ DLR/ FU Berlin (G. Neukum)

Martian Volcanoes May Not be Extinct


The three Tharsis volcanoes (bottom, right) straddle the region dominated by Olympus Mons (top left). Scientists think the volcanoes may not be extinct, but rather dormant and waiting for a hot plume of magma to travel beneath them.

Mars Tectonics

NASA and An Yin (UCLA)

Landforms north of Mars' Olympus Mons volcano may be evidence of recent tectonic activity. Left: uninterpreted image, from NASA's Mars Odyssey spacecraft. Right: interpreted image.

Mars Tectonics

NASA and An Yin (UCLA)

Some landforms north and west of the Mars volcano Olympus Mons may be evidence of recent plate tectonic activity.

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