Photos: China's First Space Station

China's Shenzhou Docks With Space Station Module

China Astronaut Research and Training Center

This graphic from a China Astronaut Training Center presentation depicts a Chinese Shenzhou spacecraft docked at the country's first space station module Tiangong-1.

Chinese Spacewalks

China National Space Administration

An artist's illustration of Chinese astronauts spacewalking outside their Shenzhou spacecraft. Future Shenzhou missions will feature spacewalks ahead of orbital rendezvous and docking demonstrations.

China Unveils Space Station Concept


The space station design was unveiled on a live broadcast to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

China's First Spacewalker Does the Wave

China National Space Administration

Chinese astronaut Zhai Zhigang waves from outside his Shenzhou 7 spacecraft September 27, 2008. He became his country's first spacewalker.

China's First Spacewalk


Zhai Zhigang waves the flag of the People's Republic of China from space, as his crewmate, Liu Boming, peeks his head out of the hatch.

China in Space

China National Space Administration

NASA, Russia and their space station partners are not the only countries launching humans off the planet. China has launched two manned spaceflight aboard its Shenzhou spacecraft since 2003, with plans set for a three-person flight, spacewalks, future orbital laboratories and even unmanned and crewed moon mission in the coming decades. Here is an image of China's first spacewalk.

China Reaches New High for Most Space Missions in a Year


A Chinese Long March 3C rocket stands poised to launch China's second moon mission, the Chang'e 2 lunar orbiter, on Oct. 1, 2010.

U.S.-China Cooperation: The Great Space Debate

Luo Ge (center), Vice Administrator of the China National Space Administration, dons a U.S. astronaut glove as he and his colleagues tour NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland earlier this month. Image Courtesy: GSFC/Christopher Gunn

China's Rocket Family

China National Space Administration

China has developed a family of boosters over the years, including new development of a heavy-lift launcher to fly by 2011. Image

China's Plan for Space Docking Tests

China Manned Space Engineering Office

This illustration depicts a Chinese Shenzhou vehicle approaching the Tiangong 1 space lab during orbital rendezvous and docking tests, a precursor for space station construction.

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