Latest Photos of Mercury from NASA's Messenger Probe

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Kandinsky Crater on Mercury

Credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington
NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft is the first probe ever to orbit the planet Mercury. It arrived in orbit around the innermost planet in our solar system in…Read More »

2011 and is expected to last until at least 2015. So far, the probe has snapped more than 200,000 photos of Mercury. Here: Kandinsky crater lies near Mercury's north pole, and may have hosted water ice. MESSENGER spacecraft's Wide Angle Camera broadband image appears at left, outlined in yellow, and superimposed on an MDIS polar mosaic. The view on the right shows the same image but with the brightness and contrast adjusted to show details of the crater's shadowed floor. Image released Oct. 15, 2014. Read the full story here.   Less «
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