'Star Trek: Prodigy' reveals cast and characters

The "Star Trek: Prodigy" cast and characters for the new animated series on Paramount+ and Nickelodeon.
The "Star Trek: Prodigy" cast and characters for the new animated series on Paramount+ and Nickelodeon. (Image credit: Paramount+)

Images and details have been released about the cast and their respective characters from "Star Trek: Prodigy," the new animated "Star Trek" show coming from Paramount+.

During the Paramount+ Star Trek First Contact Day event in April, an image of the primary characters together was released, along with the first images of Captain Janeway (serving as the starship's built-in Emergency Training Hologram and voiced by Kate Mulgrew,) but we didn't learn anything else about the rest of the crew. However, now we have some basic background information plus a few screenshots from the show. 


Actor Ella Purnell will voice Gwyn, a member of the Vau N' Akat, in "Star Trek: Prodigy." (Image credit: Paramount+)

Gwyn is a 17-year-old member of the Vau N' Akat — a new race to "Star Trek" — who was raised on her father’s desolate mining planet and grew up dreaming of exploring the stars. She is played by British actor Ella Purnell, most recently seen in Zack Snyder’s "Army of the Dead" on Netflix.

Jankom Pog

Jankom Pog, voiced by Jason Mantzoukas, is a teenage Tellarite in "Star Trek: Prodigy." (Image credit: Paramount+)

Tellarites are a long-established alien race in "Star Trek" first appearing in "The Original Series" and this teenage Tellarite is named Jankom Pog. Played by Jason Mantzoukas, Pog apparently loves a good argument and regardless of his own opinion, he’ll always play ‘devil’s advocate’ for the sake of hearing all sides. Mantzoukas has appeared in a number of television shows including "Brooklyn 99" and "The League" together with voice roles in "Invincible" and "American Dad!"


Brett Gray will portray the maverick alien Dal in "Star Trek: Prodigy." (Image credit: Paramount+)

Dal is a purple alien whose race is not yet known. According to the official blurb, he fancies himself as a maverick and holds strong onto his unwavering hope even in the toughest of times. Played by Brett Gray, most recently seen in the Netflix coming-of-age series "On My Block" together with guest appearances on " Chicago PD."


"Star Wars Clone Wars" veteran Dee Bradley Baker (Captain Rex) will voice the adorable Murf in the animated series "Star Trek: Prodigy." (Image credit: Paramount+)

Murf is an endearing, indestructible blob with curiously good timing and an insatiable appetite for ship parts. It's not known whether or not Murf is in its late teens or not. Dee Bradley Baker stars as the Yaphet-esque creature, possibly best known as the voice of Captain Rex in the multitude of "Star Wars" animated television shows and Klaus the goldfish on "American Dad!"


Rok-Tahk, voiced by actor Rylee Alazraqui, is an 8-year-old Brikar in "Star Trek: Prodigy." (Image credit: Paramount+)

The Hulk-like Rok-Tahk, voiced by young actor Rylee Alazraqui stars as an unusually bright 8-year-old Brikar. While a bit shy, Rok doesn't hold back when it comes to her love of animals. Alazraqui herself is only 10 years old and to date has had voice roles on Cartoon Network's "Summer Camp Island."  


British actor Angus Imrie voices the Medusan Zero for "Star Trek: Prodigy." (Image credit: Paramount+)

The British actor Angus Imrie plays a particularly interesting character, Zero, who is a Medusan, not seen on a televised "Star Trek" show since "The Original Series" episode "Is There in Truth No Beauty?" (S03, E07). These are a non-corporeal and genderless energy-based life form known to cause insanity to any humanoid who gaze upon their natural form. Consequently, Zero wears a containment suit to protect those around them. Imrie has most prominently appeared as Prince Edward in Netflix’s "The Crown" and the Batman prequel series "Pennyworth." 

In an interview with Dennis Miller on the Dennis Miller + 1 podcast released on May 12, Kate Mulgrew shared some details about the upcoming show. All the characters are from the Delta Quadrant and the show picks up just a few years after USS Voyager‘s return home. 

"Five kids are incarcerated on an obscure planet in an uncharted part of the galaxy. They escape from their imprisonment and race across the planet to find a defunct starship buried in the sand of the planet's surface," Mulgrew said in the interview. They enter the ship, but are unable to make it work. With prison guards hot on their heels, they suddenly stumble upon an Emergency Training Hologram in the form of Captain Janeway. 

"It's really, I think, going to capture the imagination of little kids. And if they can sit with their mothers, who watched me in live action, and their fathers who loved the other guys, we’ve got a family affair and that will bring it full circle," Mulgrew said in the podcast.

"Star Trek: Prodigy" will debut on Paramount+ in the US sometime in late 2021 before later airing on Nickelodeon. The show will also be available on the CTV Sci-Fi Channel in Canada. Additional international availability has not yet been announced.

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