In the forums this week: Debating Mars, imagining wormholes, and last call for a giveaway!

An artist's interpretation of utilizing a wormhole to travel through space.
An artist's interpretation of utilizing a wormhole to travel through space. (Image credit: NASA)

This week, we highlight a fascinating debate concerning some Mars skepticism. We also take on wormholes — and, hypothetically, passing through them. But first, sound the alarms! Our Space Force giveaway ends in two days!

Space Force coin giveaway! 

The Space Store is giving away an authentic official U.S. Space Force silver coin! (Image credit: The Space Store)

We are nearing the end of the entry period for our Space Force Silver Coin giveaway on the forums. 

You’ve got just two more days to enter over at this thread. Make sure you follow all the instructions before 11:59 PM EST on March 14th, 2021! 

 Passing through a wormhole

For this week’s Community Question, we pushed our imaginations just a bit and wondered about passing through a wormhole. Specifically, what would you expect to see on the other side? With no astrophysical restraints (theoretical or otherwise), the community let loose some fascinating theories:

I would expect to see a whole other universe, where time and space are not separated. The mere thought of a place would bring me there. I could visit the whole new universe in thought, which I actually already do now, but with the limit of time and space.Sr. Pauline

I think after an intensive study of the other side of a wormhole we would find every sock that disappeared in dryers all over earth. Of course, matching socks are not important for my daughter since she enjoys and intentionally chooses to wear non-matching socks with non-matching shoes. With that in mind I have started a monthly withdrawal from my checking account to fund her passage through the wormhole so she can acquire as many non-matching socks as possible.Joel

I love the idea of how wormholes spark my imagination. The other side of the wormhole may not just be about what we see out there, but also where and when. On the other side, I might find myself on a different part of the universe, or a completely alternate universe or even the possibility of traveling to a different time.amongthestars931

Check out the rest of the conversation here.

A debate about Mars 

Because this is a community of space enthusiasts, it can often be the site of some passionate debates. After all, the forums feature some of the most insightful conversations about the cosmos you’ll find anywhere. 

One recently posted debate is an example of what some of that civil contestation can look like. Rather than a toxic argument, community members simply inform and persuade.

Head over to this thread for the full conversation.

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