'High on Life' launches you into space with potty-mouth guns and interplanetary bounty hunting

High on Life space game
High on Life from Squanch Games released Dec. 13, 2022. (Image credit: Squanch Games)

A potty-mouthed space-themed game has industry watchers abuzz.

Helped along by a co-creator of Rick and Morty, new space game High On Life launched today (Dec. 13) for Steam, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One for $59.99. The game is already bringing in high reviews, despite its adult content. It has 9 out of 10 stars on Steam and attention from big gaming sites like our sister website, PC Gamer.

"High On Life takes all of our creativity and weird ideas and delivers something truly unique," said Justin Roiland, co-founder and CEO of Squanch Games, in an e-mailed statement; he was previously co-creator and voice actor of the space-themed sitcom Rick and Morty. 

You can view a swear-free trailer for the game below, but we advise only letting preteens and older kids watch. Before letting your kids loose on it, be aware the ESRB rating on High on Life is M for mature (recommended for ages 17+) due to violence, blood and gore, drug use, strong language, crude humor and other reasons.

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The first-person shooter will bring bounty hunters across the universe, with locations including a jungle world and a city inside an asteroid. 

"Alien weirdos" and "dangerous local wildlife" are everywhere. But Squanch reassures us that you will have the tools to deal with them because "your guns talk," meaning that the guns are literally sentient and have character voices, which sounds incredible.

"High On Life follows the misadventures of an unmotivated high-school graduate who becomes Earth's last hope following an alien invasion," Squanch Games officials added in the statement.

"These interstellar creeps are on a constant search for their next intoxicating experience, and, unfortunately, they discover that humans provide an exquisite high. The only solution is to become a bounty hunter, tracking down the kingpins in the alien cartel to stop their horrifying harvest."

This is not the first foray into space for Squanch, as their past titles include Trover Saves the Universe and Dr. Splorchy Presents: Space Heroes.

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