Best Star Trek gifts: Beam up these Trekkie gift ideas

Playmobil Star Trek USS Enterprise - star trek gifts
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Welcome aboard the U.S.S. Star Trek gift guide where we beam up all the best Star Trek gifts you can get on the market. Whether they're for you or the Trekkie in your life, we've got no doubt you'll live long and prosper with these.

Okay, so we put a couple of jokes in the opening line, but this is a comprehensive gift guide that we've put some serious work into. You'll find a range of items, some you may think are a little obvious or you may already own, like a t-shirt or a boxset, and some you may not have even thought of before. We have split the guide up into sections, so navigation through the guide isn't as daunting as navigating the Badlands.

We're in a bit of a purple patch for fresh Star Trek content these days with new hit shows like Star Trek: Discovery, Lower Decks, Picard, and more. You can check out where to watch them in our Star Trek streaming guide (you can also see how to watch the Star Trek movies in order, too). Here though, we've included sections for Playmobil sets, clothing, costumes, board games, books, DVDs and more.

If you're looking for more gift ideas, we do have guides for the best Lego space sets, best VR headsets and best space board games. However, venture on below for the best Star Trek gifts on the market today.

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