Top 19 Reasons: Why Send People Instead of Just Robots Into Space?

1)       Because it causes most of us to lift our eyes up fromthe ground and look outwards, something we humans have done for a long time.

2)       If the first exodus from Africahad never happened we would never have been so successful a species as we arenow. We also would probably not be here now.

3)       Because it is the highest cause to which we aspire.

4)       Because it is exciting for the human spirit.

5)       Because it challenges us to push the envelope. If youdon't push the envelope you stagnate and eventually retreat to insignificance.

6)       Because of what happened to nations in the past who turned their backs on exploration, two names Portugal and China show how a nation can go frompreeminence to almost irrelevance in a short period of time.

7)       Because it is the greatest experiment that requiresall nations to participate together. What better way to come together?

8)       Because we will eventually, one way or another, needto defend ourselves against some solar system detritus. Only a strong presencein space can do that.

9)       Because robots cannot be inspired.

10)   Because sending my 35mm Instamatic to the Grand Canyon does not a vacation or expedition make.

11)   Because I do not wish to spend any more of my life invirtual reality. I want real reality.

12)   Because sending robots will produce new technologiesin electronics, materials and a few other disciplines, but sending people willresult in thousands of new technologies and disciplines, from medicines tozero-g flower arranging.

13)   Because if we send anything less than all that we areto the stars then we are diminished.

14)   Because Robots don't write poems or paint pictures.

15)   Because I would not have liked to see Star Wars withjust R2-D2 in it. ;>)

16)   Because humans make robots look like what they reallyare, just souped up toasters.

17)   Because I know of no robot that has actually expressedan interest about going into space.

18)   Because I am human and I want to go.

19)   Because it's NOT just about the science.

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