Slam-Bang Coverage! NASA's LCROSS Moon Crash

NASA Takes Aim at Moon with Double Sledgehammer
An artist's depiction of the LCROSS moon-smashing mission as the Shepherding Spacecraft (left) pulls free of the Centaur upper stage impactor. (Image credit: NASA/Ames)

NASA's LCROSS probe and its spent Centaur rocket stage purposely crashed into the large crater Cabeus Friday, Oct. 9, at 7:31 a.m. EDT (1131 GMT) in an effort to kick up lunar dirt to see what's in it. Scientists are hoping to see signs of water.

Below is's complete coverage of the mission and related lunar science news, features and video - all on the heels of the exciting recent announcements that there is water in scant quantities across the lunar surface and tentative new evidence of water ice in shaded lunar craters.

Follow the LCROSS moon crashes as it happened with mission updates from Spaceflight Now.

Friday, Oct. 9

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Tuesday, Oct. 6

  • How to Watch NASA's Probe Smack the Moon Friday
    Get ready for a unique cosmic collision! Early this coming Friday morning (Oct. 9), NASA's Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) will end its mission with a bang ? literally.
  • Controversial New Idea Surfaces on Origin of Moon's Water
    Many experts were shocked by the recent discovery of water on the moon, which was long thought to be bone-dry. But not everyone was surprised. A recent study actually predicted the water before it was found, and offers a novel hypothesis for its origin.

Monday, Oct. 5

  • Our Changing View of the Moon
    The moon, so bright and large in the sky compared to other celestial objects, has captured the attention of humans at least since the dawn of consciousness. Over these eras, mankind's view of the moon has evolved, from the more mystical image of it as a god, to the thought it was covered in seas and vegetation. Most recently, it's been viewed as a dry and dusty wasteland.

LCROSS mission coverage:

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