How Moon Dust Could Yield Oxygen, Fuel and Water

How Moon Dust Could Yield Oxygen, Fuel and Water
SCARAB will carry a drill specifically designed to penetrate the harsh lunar soil and an on-board lab for small-scale oxygen production. (Image credit: NASA/PISCES/UH Hilo)

On Hawaii?s Mauna Kea volcano, which rises more than 13,000 feet above

Recently, a team of scientists working for the Pacific

Representatives from four NASA space centers (Johnson,

The crew convened at a small campsite located at the bottom of

Strong winds had been gusting for days, reaching up to 45

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Moon Tools

The type of dust that attracted the engineers to Hawaii is

A NASA-developed rover called SCARAB showed how a

Larger systems could produce oxygen from greater quantities

"We're trying to make the lunar outposts more

During this field test, a robotic excavator, similar in size

"It's one thing to test these instruments in the

Advanced Life Support

NASA's lunar exploration plan says that on-site lunar

Other concepts tested at the PISCES test site included a new

?We hope to make sure that we are not missing any process

The Canadian Space Agency is also contributing a utility

Frank Schowengerdt, director of PISCES, explains that the


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