Meet the Rexcelsior Spaceship from 'The Lego Movie 2' in These Photos!



In "The Lego Movie 2," there's no better way to fly around space than in the Rexcelsior, the fist-shaped spaceship of Rex Dangervest that's ready to punch its way into (and out) trouble. See awesome photos of the new set here! Seen here, the Rexcelsior stands at 7 inches high, 15 inches long and 8 inches wide once completely assembled. The set will be available in stores May 1, 2019!

Meet Rex Dangervest


In an AWESOME mood, Rexcelsior captain Rex Dangervest is ready for every mission a Lego enthusiast can create with this 1,826 piece set.

An Epic Ship


The Lego Movie 2 takes Emmet, our lovable construction worker, all the way to space, making the Rexcelsior a perfect pit stop on the way to rescue his friends. The craft features open doors and lift-off rooms, a handle with trigger for rapid-fire, 6-missile spring-loaded shooter and more.

Let's Get Dangervest


Rex Dangervest can also get down to the business of creating any one of the included micro builds like Emmet's house or a forklift. Here's a view of his alternate face.

Stubble Trouble Emmet


The other included minifigure, Stubble Trouble Emmet, seems to be reaching out for help. Maybe the other included builds — two micro raptors and a dropship — are bit too much for him?

Game Faces On


It looks like Emmet and Rex both have their space game faces on here. The Rexcelsior set comes also with five micro raptor dinosaur toy figures and two microfigures of Emmet and Rex.

So Surprised


Here's another look at Emmet, showing off his orange construction overalls (and name tag) along with this space-y shirt.

Emmet Face On


A clearer view of Stubble Trouble Emmet's worried face.

Rex Up Close


This view of Rex shows off his detailed arm and leg printing, as well as his dual-colored space "danger" vest. The set will be available in stores May 1, 2019!

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