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Ghouls and Gourds! Awesome Photos from NASA JPL's 2018 Pumpkin-Carving Contest

Audience Participation

J. Krohn/JPL-Caltech/NASA

For the entry from the Dynamics & Structures group, passersby can aim to "Meet the Shock Spec" on this spacecraft pumpkin.

Honoring History

J. Krohn/JPL-Caltech/NASA

In an homage to David Bowie, this entry featured The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Starshade and the Tensegrity Spiders from Mars.

To the Death?

J. Krohn/JPL-Caltech/NASA

At the Pumpkin Bot Battle, spectators witnessed the battle of two remote-controlled pumpkin bots.

Creation Processes

J. Krohn/JPL-Caltech/NASA

Teams worked at full-steam-ahead to get their submissions ready for the competition.

A Lot of Work

J. Krohn/JPL-Caltech/NASA

The team from The Planetary Sample Acquisition continued work on their submission, doing their best to perfect the entry. According to @io9, this year's competition "brought some of the nerdiest entries in the contest's history."

Bringing All the Skills

J. Krohn/JPL-Caltech/NASA

Teams employed power tools, motors, paint, saws, lights, electricity and more to bring their dreams to life for the JPL 2018 Pumpkin-Carving Contest.

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