The 15 Best Ships on Star Trek, from V-ger to the Vengeance

11. Species 8472 bio-ship ("Star Trek: Voyager," 1995-2001)


This ship gets an entry due to sheer originality, as it was an organic entity used by the Species 8472. The pilot and the ship shared similar genes, and this enhanced the vessel's ability to attack. According to Memory Alpha (a fan-run site about "Star Trek"), Species 8472's bio-ship had walls and floor that appeared to be flesh, structural supports made of bone and a ship's computer that operated similarly to a nervous system. And yes, these ships could travel at warp speed.

12. USS Prometheus ("Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," 1993-1999)


This ship made only a brief appearance in the series, but what it did was extremely cool: It managed to bring a dead star (Epsilon 119) back to life. Just before the Prometheus' ignition operation, engineers at Deep Space 9 fixed the warp drive so the ship could zoom at up to warp 9.6. The repair was a backup plan in case the star went supernova, but fortunately, the mission was accomplished.

13. The Jellyfish ("Star Trek," 2009)


We love the unique appearance of this ship, which is called the Jellyfish because it looks a little like the marine creature. But it also has an important role in the first film of the rebooted "Star Trek" series. The ship is piloted by both Spock Prime (Leonard Nimoy) and his younger counterpart in the parallel universe, Cmdr. Spock (Zachary Quinto). At the end of the film, Cmndr. Spock puts the ship on a collision course with the Narada, a huge Romulan ship that has caused havoc throughout the film. While the Jellyfish is tiny, it generates a huge singularity (black hole) thanks to some special "red matter" carried on board.

14. Sh'Raan ("Star Trek: Enterprise," 2001-05)


We love this ship class because of both the usual starship and its cool-looking cylindrical warp drive. Sh'Raan formed part of the Suurok class of Vulcan starships. It is best remembered in the series for an encounter with Enterprise NX-01, when Ambassador V'Lar needed help to get back to Vulcan to offer important testimony against the Mazarite High Council. The Sh'Raan ended up saving the Enterprise from some problems when the crew was struggling in a fight against the Mazarites. [The Evolution of 'Star Trek' (Infographic)]

15. USS Vengeance ("Star Trek into Darkness," 2013)


We see this ship in action only briefly in the movie, but it makes quite the impression, because it is huge (roughly twice the size of the USS Enterprise), top-secret and ultramilitary. According to the fan site Memory Alpha, the ship was so smart, it could be operated by just one person — quite the change from the usual crew of dozens or hundreds that we saw on the "Star Trek" series. The ship, which looks a bit like a stealth ship, was originally designed in case the Klingons proved problematic.

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