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See Latest Videos of the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse, from Across U.S. and Space
The Exploratorium museum captured a stunning view of the "diamond ring" phenomenon as totality came to a close.
Credit: Exploratorium

The Great American Solar Eclipse thrilled millions! See the latest videos of the 2017 total solar eclipse as they come in from observers across the U.S., in the air and in space here below. 

Time-lapse video of the total solar eclipse above Teton Valley, Idaho: software developer Coraline Olivas captured this view in Teton Valley, Idaho.

Solar eclipse shadow seen from million miles away:

NASA's DSCOVR satellite's Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC) captured imagery of the moon's shadow as it traversed the continental United States.

Solar eclipse seen from ground, air and space - NASA highlights: 

The space agency captured video of the eclipse and its shadow from several locations.

Solar eclipse shadow seen from the International Space Station: 

NASA astronauts explain what it was like to see the shadow of the Moon from the International Space Station.

International Space Station transits the Sun during the eclipse:

A NASA camera captured the transit of the International Space Station on Aug. 21, 2017 from Banner, Wyoming.

Solar eclipse "diamond ring"- Madras, Oregon:

The final moments of totality over Madras, Oregon are captured by the Exploratorium museum.

Views of totality:

NASA jets captured imagery of the moment of totality.

View from Madras, Oregon via Exploratorium museum:

The Exploratorium museums view of the eclipse shortly aftet the moon crossed over the limb of the Sun.

Eclipse Begins! View from Salem, Oregon: 

NASA cameras captured the start of the eclipse.

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