Here's How an Asteroid Threatens Earth in CBS' 'Salvation' (Gallery)

Making Plans

Sven Frenzel/CBS

In the episode of "Salvation" scheduled to come out July 26 on CBS, Grace makes decisions that will be life or death for millions of people.

Unexpected Turns

Ben Mark Holzberg/CBS

Liam Cole, played by Charlie Rowe, built the simulation that first detected that there might be an unknown asteroid nearby.

Thinking Outside the Box

Ben Mark Holzberg/CBS

Darius Tanz, portrayed by Santiago Cabrera, uses his status as a tech entrepreneur to work toward a faster solution to the incoming asteroid threat.

Great Minds

Ben Mark Holzberg/CBS

In the suspense thriller "Salvation," Liam Cole, played by Charlie Rowe and Dennis Boutsikaris portrays Dr. Malcom Croft.

Taxing the Imagination

Ben Mark Holzberg/CBS

The theoretical EmDrive provides a possible way to get a solution up to the asteroid fast enough to avert danger to Earth in "Salvation."

The End is Near

Ben Mark Holzberg/CBS

"Salvation" is a thriller which explores life and death choices when an asteroid barrels toward Earth.

The Tech

Ben Mark Holzberg/CBS

Darius, a tech star, works with a team to create theoretically impossible technology to destroy the asteroid that threatens Earth.

The Fight

Ben Mark Holzberg/CBS

Darius Tanz' private spaceflight company has an uneasy relationship with the U.S. government as they both try to avert the catastrophe of an incoming asteroid in "Salvation."

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