Behind the Scenes: Inside Astronaut Scott Carpenter's 1962 Mercury Flight (Photos)

After the Test


Following water egress training, Project Mercury astronaut Scott Carpenter, Mercury-Atlas 7 prime pilot, still dons his Mercury pressure suit and a life vest.

Aurora 7


On May 24, 1962, astronaut Scott Carpenter examines the Aurora 7, his Mercury-Atlas 7 spacecraft, before boarding and beginning the launch.

Say Cheese


During a May 22, 1962 suiting exercise, astronaut Scott Carpenter, Mercury-Atlas 7 prime pilot, stands in the Hangar S crew quarters as technician Al Rochford adjusts his suit.

Heading into History


Outside the White Room, astronaut Scott Carpenter heads to the launch site for the Mercury-Atlas 7 mission.

Loading Up


Before the launch of the Mercury-Atlas 7 mission, astronaut Scott Carpenter enters the Aurora 7 spacecraft with the help of NASA technicians.

Firing the Engines


From Launch Pad 14 at Cape Canaveral in Florida, astronaut Scott Carpenter rides in the Mercury-Atlas 7 space vehicle as NASA's second manned orbital mission launches into orbit.

Clouds at Home


Astronaut Scott Carpenter snapped this image of Earth using a handheld camera during the Mercury-Atlas 7 mission.

Clouds and the Horizon


On May 24, 1962, during the Mercury-Atlas 7 mission, astronaut Scott Carpenter captured this photo of Earth with a handheld camera.

Water, Land and Clouds


As astronaut Scott Carpenter orbited Earth on May 24, 1962 during the Mercury-Atlas 7 mission, he photographed the Earth and sky.

Recovery Process


NASA's second manned orbital flight, Mercury-Atlas 7 splashed down on May 24, 1962, and astronaut M. Scott Carpenter, prime pilot for the mission, is helped into a life raft by a diver during recovery.

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