More Evidence Released in Nowak Case

Hearing in Lisa Nowak Case Delayed
NASA astronaut Lisa Marie Nowak, 43, was arrested Monday, Feb. 5, 2007, for attempting to kidnap a woman she believed was romantically involved with another astronaut she was in love with, police said. (Image credit: AP Photo/Orange County Sheriff's Department)

The State Attorney's Officein Orlando released more documents from the LisaNowak investigation Tuesday, including police reports indicating they foundin the former astronaut's car multiple photographs of a woman in bondage.

Orange County Sheriff'sinvestigators found the photographs on a floppy disk when they searched her carafter her arrestFeb. 5.

"Fifteen of them weredepictions of a woman in various states of dress and undress," the policereports said. "Most of the images depicted scenes of bondage. Some ofthese images were photographs and some were drawings."

The images, which policesay aren't related to the charges, were not available late Tuesday. It wasunclear whether Nowak was in them.

"All we have is thephoto of that piece of paper," said Danielle Tavernier, spokeswoman forthe State Attorney's Office in Orlando.

Nowak is accused of attemptedkidnapping, battery and tampering with evidence after police said she drovefrom Houston to Orlando and pepper-sprayed a romantic rival whom she intendedto kidnap. Nowak told police all she wanted to do was talk to Air Force Capt.Colleen Shipman, who is stationed at Patrick Air Force Base. Both women hadrelationships with astronautBill Oefelein.

Nowak's attorney, DonaldLykkebak, did not return a call Tuesday. In court last week, Lykkebak said hewould seek to have documents pertaining to some personal items blocked frompublic release.

"They went through herautomobile and took a whole bunch of personal stuff that won't be evidence inthis case," Lykkebak told Judge Marc Lubet. "It's not going to bediscovery at trial, it won't be admitted at trial. This is an invasion ofprivacy."

Lubet began to seal documents inthe case Thursday, saying he wanted the state and Nowak to have a fairtrial, but reversedhis decision that evening. Florida has a liberal open records law.

Also Tuesday, the stateattorney released other photographs, including pictures of the wig, trench coatand gloves Nowak allegedly used during the attack. Additional photographsincluded Nowak's NASA and Johnson Space Center IDs, a hand-drawn map toShipman's Cape Canaveral townhouse, a hand-written list of items for the trip,and orange pills found in wadded-up napkins. The pills were not identified.

There also were severalfortunes from fortune cookies, including one that reads, "The coming monthshall bring winds of change in your life."

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