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In Photos: The Harvest Moon Lunar Eclipse of 2016

Penumbral lunar eclipse at maximum
Photographer Stojan Stojanovski captured this photo of the penumbral Harvest Moon eclipse at maximum over Macedonia on Sept. 16, 2016. (Image credit: <a href="">Stojan Stojanovski</a>)

Entering Earth's penumbral shadow

Muhammad Rayhan

On Friday (Sept. 16) the full "Harvest Moon" was accompanied by a subtle lunar eclipse visible to some viewers in Africa, Asia and Australia. This photo taken by Muhammad Rayhan shows the Harvest Moon eclipse as seen from the Jakarta Planetarium & Observatory in Indonesia.

Shades of the moon

Akash Anandh

This image taken by Akash Anandh in Singapore shows the varying shadows cast over the moon during the penumbral lunar eclipse on Sept. 16, 2016.

Harvest Moonrise in Portugal

Miguel Claro

The Harvest Moon rises over Sesimbra Castle, Portugal. This image was taken by Miguel Claro, who said the disc of the moon reached 100% illumination exactly at the same time it was rising in the Portuguese sky.

Harvest Moon over Cape Cod

Chris Cook

Photographer Chris Cook captured this big, bright Harvest Moon rising over Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

A window of opportunity

Nichol Auton Photography

Photographer Nichol Auton waited an hour for the moon to rise above the trees and peer through the clouds to capture this photo of the full Harvest Moon in Ontario, Canada.

Glowing behind the clouds

Nichol Auton Photography

Despite cloudy skies, the Harvest Moon shone bright enough over Ontario, Canada for Nichol Auton to snap this photo.

Setting up the shot

Stojan Stojanovski

A photographer prepares to capture the Harvest Moon eclipse in Macedonia on Sept. 16, 2016.

Macedonian Harvest Moonrise

Stojan Stojanovski

Photographer Stojan Stojanovski captured the Harvest Moon rising over Macedonia just before the penumbral lunar eclipse.

Maximum penumbral lunar eclipse

Stojan Stojanovski

Photographer Stojan Stojanovski captured this photo of the penumbral Harvest Moon eclipse at maximum over Macedonia.

Harvesting crops by moonlight

Stuart McNair

In this photo by Stuart McNair, the rising Harvest Moon illuminates farmland during sunset on Sept. 15, 2016 north of Toronto, Canada.

Antisolar rays

Stuart McNair

Stuart McNair captured antisolar rays of light converging near the Harvest Moon as it rises over a farm north of Toronto, Canada on Sept. 15, 2016.

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