Rocker Grace Potter Mixes Space, Science and Music on Instagram (Video)

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Grace Potter, currently on tour in support of her first solo record, "Midnight," manages to find time to post her thoughts about space and science via Instagram. sat down with Potter prior to her performance at New York's Radio City Music Hall on Saturday (Oct. 3) to discuss her cosmic influences, which shined through not only in our interview but on stage as well.

For example, during the show, she hailed the recent announcement that liquid water flows on present-day Mars, asking the crowd if they'd heard about it. "That's what it's all about!" Potter told the audience.

Singer-songwriter Grace Potter discusses her cosmic influences in a video interview with (Image credit:

Her "Space_Potter" Instagram account is decorated with space and science images; a few posts relate her philosophical reflections. Potter digs deep into the NASA press conference on the Mars water discovery, writing, "Recurring Slope Lineae (referred to in the press conference as RSLs) are simply a fascinating body of evidence that has been documented & analyzed for years, and, on the merit of the empirical evidence alone, we now find Mars BACK WHERE IT BELONGS ... at the center of public attention!"

Other Potter posts reference the recent 25th anniversary of the launch of NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, the Large Hadron Collider and more. She is also designing a "cosmic-themed" wardrobe, to complement her latest album cover, and stage visuals sporting night sky imagery.

During our interview, Potter spoke of the stunning cosmic pictures available to the public today, stating that they are "constant and beautiful reminders of just how lucky we are to live on this planet, where it's not just livable, it's ideal, in this moment in time."

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