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Best Space Photos of the Week - July 26, 2014

Hubble Telescope Spies Off-Kilter Halo Around Distant Galaxy

NASA, ESA & M. Rejkuba (European Southern Observatory)

July 22 - The Hubble Space Telescope has revealed a cosmic surprise on the outskirts of the large galaxy Centaurus A, the galaxy’s outer halo is much larger than thought. [Read the full story here.]

Satellites Track Malaysian Airlines MH17 Crash Site from Space


July 24 - DigitalGlobe released satellite images of the Malaysian Airlines MH17 plane that was shot down over eastern Ukraine on July 17. [Read the full story here.]

Astrophotographer Catches Star Cluster, Moon & Venus in One Amazing Photo

BG Boyd

July 24 - An astrophtographer took this amazing image of the moon, venus and the star cluster in a close conjunction. [See how he did it here.]

Astronaut Spots Explosions over Israel and Gaza from Space

Twitter/Alexander Gerst

July 23 - As fighting continues in Israel and Gaza, astronauts living aboard the International Space Station can see signs of the deadly conflict from space. [See more photos here.]

Apollo 11 Astronauts Meet Obama at White House

NASA/Bill Ingalls

July 23 - U.S. President Barack Obama welcomed the two surviving Apollo 11 astronauts to the White House yesterday (July 22) to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the first moon landing. [Read the full story here.]

NASA Probe Sees Apollo 11 Moon Landing Site from Space

NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio

July 21 - What does the site of the first moon-landing look like 45 years later? A NASA probe orbiting the moon has recently beamed back new images of what Apollo 11's Tranquility Base looks like now. [Watch the video here.]

Young Star Cluster Shines in Stunning Telescope Views

ESO/G. Beccari

July 23 - A telescope in Chile has captured an amazing view of young stars huddled together against a glowing cloud of gas and dust. Stars only recently began to evolve in the cluster, named NGC 3293. [Watch the video here.]

Amazing SpaceX Reusable Rocket Test Caught on Video

SpaceX (via YouTube as SpaceX)

July 23 - A stunning new video shows the first stage of SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket making a soft ocean splashdown as planned after its launch earlier this month. [Watch the video here.]

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