Planet Cakes: Australian Baker's Out-of-This World Creations (Photos)

Australia on Earth Cake


Australia is the focal point on this hemisphere of the Earth cake created by Rhiannon of the Cakecrumbs blog. [Read the Full Story]

Earth Cake in Progress


To make an Earth cake, a baker creates three concentric circles layered within one another to represent the various layers of the planet. [Read the Full Story]

Earth Cake Layers


The layers of the Earth are revealed in this view of the hemisphere cake. Red represents the mantel, yellow is the outer core and white is the inner core. [Read the Full Story]

Earth Cake Crust


Chocolate buttercream was used to represent the crust on this representation of the Earth. [Read the Full Story]

Australia, Asia and Antarctica on Earth


Asia, Australia, Antarctica and part of Africa can all be seen in this view of the Earth planetary structure layer cake. [Read the Full Story]

Australia in the Ocean


Australia stands alone in this view of the planetary layer cake. [Read the Full Story]

Asia on the Earth Cake


A view of Asia on the Earth structural layer cake. [Read the Full Story]

Continents and Oceans of the Cake


The continents and oceans of the cake are made out of fondant and edible paint. [Read the Full Story]

Piece of Earth Cake


The structural elements of the cake can be seen when it is cut into. The core, inner core, mantel and crust can all be seen in this photo. [Read the Full Story]

Earth Cake Cut Open


The structure of the Earth is hidden within this cake. [Read the Full Story]

Jupiter's Great Red Spot


Jupiter's "Great Red Spot" first attracted cake-maker Rhiannon to the challenge of creating this planetary layer cake. [Read the Full Story]

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