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Original 'Star Trek' Galileo Shuttlecraft Restored (Photos)

Galileo Restoration February 22, 2013

The Galileo Restoration

The Galileo shuttlecraft from the original "Star Trek" series undergoes major restoration. On February 22, 2013, the wood work progresses and the structure takes shape. [Full Story]

Shuttle Crew Service

The Galileo Restoration

The "Star Trek" Galileo shuttlecraft restoration continues in March 2013. [Full Story]

Master Shipwrights Owner Hans Mikaitis

The Galileo Restoration

Master Shipwrights owner Hans Mikaitis inspects restoration work he is doing on the "Star Trek" Galileo shuttlecraft. [Full Story]

Galileo Shuttlecraft 2012 Starboard Condition

The Galileo Restoration

A photo of the Galileo shuttlecraft from "Star Trek" taken in 2012 shows its heavily degraded starboard side. [Full Story]

Galileo Shuttlecraft 1991 Restoration

The Galileo Restoration

The Galileo was kept and worked on in a hangar at the Akron-Canton Airport in 1992. The 2nd pic shows prop-maker Ed Miarecki (left) visiting with restoration team members Buck Krause and Tim Homa (right). [Full Story]

Galileo Shuttlecraft Blueprints

The Galileo Restoration

Blueprints show the design of the Galileo shuttlecraft from the original "Star Trek" television series. [Full Story]

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