Life in Space: Astronaut Chris Hadfield's Video Guide

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Astronaut Chris Hadfield is the first Canadian commander of the International Space Station. He makes space accessible by using many social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter.

But in his spare time, Hadfield also makes videos of everyday life in space, which he posts on YouTube.

Here are Commander Hadfield's tips on zero-g living. [Video: Chris Hadfield, Social Media’s Space Star.]

FIRST STOP: How to Brush Your Teeth

How to Brush Your Teeth in Space

Canadian Space Agency/Chris Hadfield (Cmdr_Hadfield)

If you think brushing your teeth twice a day is a chore, at least you don't have to swallow your toothpaste each time.

Here, Hadfield shows just how weird the familiar act of brushing your teeth in zero-g. Especially when there's no sink. [Watch the video]

NEXT: Can You Cry in Space?

Can You Cry in Space?


Everyone cries, even astronauts. But what happens to the tears? It's not a pretty sight. (Don't worry, this is just a demonstration. Hadfield's actually quite happy here.) [Watch the video and see the related story.]

NEXT: How to Wash Your Hands

How to Wash Your Hands in Space


No sink, no running water? No problem! When it comes to washing your hands in space, as astronaut Chris Hadfield shows, all it takes is a special substance and a towel. [Watch the video ]

NEXT: How to Make a Space Sandwich

How to Make a Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwich in Space


Only "minor adaptations" are needed to make a sandwich in zero-g, says astronaut Chris Hadfield.

For one thing, fluffy white bread is replaced by a tortilla. Watch in amazement as Robonaut 2 and the Canadarm attempt to rip open the pesky peanut butter pouch. (Not really.) [Watch the video here and see the related story]

NEXT: How to Cook Spinach in Space

How to Cook Spinach in Space

Canadian Space Agency/Chris Hadfield (Cmdr_Hadfield)

How can you "cook" spinach in the zero-g conditions of the International Space Station?

First, you need a huge, fancy machine unlikely to exist in your everyday Earth kitchen. Spinach is worth it, though! [Watch the video here and see the related story]

NEXT: How Astronauts Clip Their Nails

How Astronauts Clip Their Nails in Space


A clever trick allows astronauts to give themselves a nice manicure in zero-g aboard the International Space Station. Just let air breezes do the clean-up. [Watch the video ]

Wring Out a Washcloth in Space


Chris Hadfield wants to show you what it's like to wring out a sopping wet washcloth in space. Hint: It has less to do with dripping and more to do with floating. Check out the video.

How To Barf, Puke and Vomit in Space


Puking is never pleasant, but how do you do it if you're an astronaut on the International Space Station? In this clip, Hadfield shows everyone on Earth the proper way to get sick on the space station. Watch the video.

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