Space Babies Blast Off in Super Bowl Ad (Video)

Men may be from Mars, and women from Venus, but babies, apparently, are from deep space. So says an eye-popping TV ad by the car company Kia slated to launch onto the small screen on Super Bowl Sunday.

The advertisement begins with a son asking his father where babies come from while driving down the street. As the dad drives, he explains that babies (animal and human alike) are sent to Earth from a special alien planet known as "Babylandia."

After some time on their home planet, the babies make a nine month journey to Earth, shooting through the atmosphere and landing safely with their new families. You can watch the video here.

Kia isn't the only company using space travel as a hook for an advertisement in anticipation of the Super Bowl this Sunday (Feb. 3).

Unilever — the company behind AXE personal care products — is teaming up with the private spaceflight company XCOR and tourism firm Space Expedition Curacao will unveil the first winner in the AXE Apollo Space Academy contest ( just after the Super Bowl.

The AXE Apollo Space Academy aims to launch 22 people to the edge of space and back aboard the private Lynx space planes by aerospace company XCOR aerospace and operated by the space tourism firm Space Expedition Curacao. The 21 other winners will be selected in during the AXE Global Space Camp, a final round of competition to be held in Orlando, Fla. The deadline to enter the contest is Feb. 3.

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