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Mars Rover Curiosity's Landing Day at JPL (Photos)

Model of Curiosity on JPL Grounds

Mike Wall/

A full-scale model of Curiosity on display at JPL prior to the actual rover's landing on Mars, August 5, 2012.

Pre-Landing Press Conference

Mike Wall/

The scene just before NASA's last pre-landing press conference regarding Curiosity rover on Sunday, August 5, 2012.

June Lockhart

Mike Wall/

Actress June Lockhart ("Lost in Space," "Lassie") stopped by the media room on the night of Curiosity's landing, August 5, 2012.

Seth Green

Mike Wall/

Actor Seth Green came to JPL for Curiosity's landing on Aug. 5, 2012.

JPL Grounds Before Curiosity Landing

Mike Wall/

Scientists and guests mingled on the grounds of JPL in the hours before Curiosity's landing attempt on Aug. 5, 2012.

Reporters Covering Curiosity Rover Landing

Mike Wall/

Reporters at JPL write up stories a few hours before Curiosity began its plunge through the Martian atmosphere, August 5, 2012. Interviewed at JPL Before Curiosity Rover Landing

Mike Wall/

Musician (center left) conducts an interview in front of a full-size model of the Curiosity rover on Aug. 5, 2012.

News Trucks in the JPL Parking Lot

Mike Wall/

A shot of the news trucks in the JPL parking lot, Pasadena, CA, August 5, 2012. and Curiosity Rover Mock Up

NASA/Bill Ingalls

Musician, center, listens to NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Sciences and Exploration Directorate Chief Scientist Jim Garvin talk next to a mock up of the Mars Science Laboratory rover Curiosity as Astronaut and NASA's Associate Administrator for Education Leland Melvin looks on at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) a few hours ahead of the the planned landing of the Curiosity rover on Mars, Sunday, Aug. 5, 2012 in Pasadena, Calif.

Reporters Watch MSL Landing

Mike Wall/

Reporters and assorted guests watch the NASA TV feed at JPL shortly before the Curiosity rover touched down on Mars on Aug. 5, 2012.

Landing High Five

Mike Wall/

Curiosity's entry, descent and landing team receives congratulations from NASA officials and mission leaders at a post-landing press conference on Aug. 5, 2012.

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