Photos: Mock Astronauts Take Cooking Lessons for 'Mars'

The Menu on Mars

Pat Rawlings/NASA

Scientists are planning a mock mission to Mars called HI-SEAS to study how best to feed astronauts living in a future Mars outpost.

Cooking Lessons

Cornell University

Participants preparing for a mock mission to Mars take cooking lessons for the journey at a Cornell University kitchen lab.

Cooking on the Hi-Seas

Cornell University

The Hawaii Space Exploration Analogue & Simulation (HI-SEAS) project will study how best to feed astronauts en route to Mars and after they arrive.

'Astronaut-Like' Participants

Cornell University

Mock Mars mission participants were chosen to be as "astronaut-like" as possible, which includes the requirement of a science background. Some even applied to be NASA astronauts, and a current NASA astronaut, Yvonne Cagle, is advising the project.

Instant Meals

Cornell University

The HI-SEAS participants will be eating a mix of instant meals and foods they cook themselves from shelf-stable ingredients.

Not Just Spam

Clara Moskowitz/

The food options available are broad, even though none require refrigeration.

Coconut Crepe

Clara Moskowitz/

It's amazing what you can do with instant pudding mix. Here, the crew has prepared a coconut crepe with chocolate pudding filling.

Camping on Mars

Clara Moskowitz/

The HI-SEAS mock Mars habitat will include basic kitchen tools such as a small stove, oven and microwave.

Long Shelf-Lives

Clara Moskowitz/

The ingredients the crew will bring to 'Mars' have long shelf lives. This can doesn't expire until 2037.

Cooking from Scratch

Cornell University

The HI-SEAS participants have varying levels of cooking experience. A number describe themselves as typical engineers who've hardly ever cooked before. But everyone may need to help out in the kitchen on Mars.

Working in 'Space'

Cornell University

During their mission, the 'astronauts' will not only take detailed surveys on all their meals, but will pursue space mission-related research of their own.

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