Photos: NASA's Ares 1 Rocket Test Launch

New Moon Rocket Damaged in Test Flight, NASA Says

United Space Alliance.

This underwater image shows a large dent in the lower segment of NASA's Ares I-X rocket after it splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean to end a test flight on Oct. 28, 2009.

Ares I-X Rocket Blast Off

Roger Guillemette/

The Ares I-X moon rocket prototype roars off Launch Pad 39B at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida in this view of the successful Oct. 28, 2009 test launch.

Boeing to Build Upper Stage of NASA's Ares I Rocket


An artist's rendition of Ares I being stacked in the vehicle assembly building at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Houston-based Boeing won NASA's contract to built the rocket's upper stage, which appears in orange below the conical Orion crew capsule.

Orion Emergency Egress System: Roller Coaster For Astronauts


A rail car to safety.

NASA Faces Rocket Test Delays for New Spaceship


An artist's rendition of a an Ares I rocket at Launch Pad 39B at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The pad, previously used for Apollo and shuttle launches, will be modified to support future launches of Ares and Orion spacecraft.

Tossing Orion: NASA Performs Drop Tests, Rocket Checks for Next Spaceship


A concept image of Ares I crew launch vehicle.

Mock Orion Spaceship Arrives at NASA Spaceport

NASA/Jack Pfaller

At the Shuttle Landing Facility at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, a precisely machined, full-scale simulator Orion crew module is being offloaded from the C-5 aircraft.

Hubble Repair Delay Puts Ares 1-X Rocket Test on Hold


Artist concept of Ares I-X launch.

Shock Absorber Plan Set for NASA's New Rocket


An artist's interpretation of NASA's Ares I rocket launching spaceward.

Glitch Cancels NASA's First Moon Rocket Test Firing


NASA's Ares I first-stage motor sits on ATK Space System's test stand in Promontory, Utah, awaiting its test firing, set for Aug. 27, 2009. The 154-foot solid rocket motor will produce heat two-thirds the temperature of the sun and its 12-foot-diameter cylinder will deliver 3.6 million pounds of thrust.

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