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Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo Crash: Full Coverage and Investigation
NTSB Acting Chairman Christopher Hart visits The Spaceship Company production facility where Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo vehicles are built as part of the NTSB investigation into the Oct. 31 crash of the space plane.
December 19th, 2014
On Oct. 31, 2014, the space tourism company Virgin Galactic suffered a serious accident during a SpaceShipTwo test flight, resulting in the loss of the spacecraft. One pilot died in the crash, while another suffered injuries. See our full coverage.
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SpaceX to Aim for Bulls-Eye Rocket Landing on Ocean Platform
SpaceX's Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship
December 18th, 2014
It won't be easy, but the private spaceflight company SpaceX will attempt to bring a stage of its Falcon 9 rocket back from space and land it on a floating platform in the Atlantic Ocean during an audacious test on Jan. 6.
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Space Station-Bound Astronaut Eager to Fly NASA's Orion to the Moon
Virts During Spacewalk Training
November 20th, 2014
A NASA astronaut about to fly to the International Space Station on a Russian spaceship hopes his next space mission will start in a seat aboard a commercial spacecraft.
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SpaceX's Next Launch to Space Station Delayed Until New Year
A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket sits on the launch pad in September 2014.
December 19th, 2014
The private spaceflight company SpaceX won't be flying a mission to the International Space Station until early 2015.SpaceX is now expected to launch its fifth official mission to the orbiting outpost under a contract with NASA on Jan. 6.
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SpaceX Cargo Ship, Reusable Rocket Test Now Set to Launch on Dec. 19
A close-up of the "hypersonic grid fins" on SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket, which should help stabilize the booster during its return to Earth after launching on Dec. 19, 2014.
December 12th, 2014
If all goes according to plan, Dragon will blast off atop SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida at 1:20 p.m. EST (1820 GMT) on Dec. 19 and arrive at the orbiting lab two days later.
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SpaceShipTwo Pilot Unaware 'Feather' System Was Unlocked: NTSB
National Transportation Safety Board inspectors stand near debris from the tail section of Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo, which crashed during a test flight on Oct. 31, 2014.
November 12th, 2014
Investigators have talked to the pilot who survived the tragic crash of Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo last month, and say that he didn't know that his copilot unlocked the space plane's re-entry system early.
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Virgin Galactic Crash Investigators to Study SpaceShipTwo's Pilot Interface
NTSB Acting Chair Christopher Hart Explains SpaceShipTwo's 'Feathering'
November 4th, 2014
Investigators have formed a new working group to take a close look at the pilot interface systems on Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo and released a detailed new timeline of the vehicle's tragic accident.
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World View Captures Spectacular Sunrise with High-Altitude Balloon (Video)
world view
December 19th, 2014
World View has just released new footage from a recent unmanned flight, offering a glimpse at the vistas future customers might experience during a sunrise voyage.
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SpaceX Will Try to Land Rocket on Floating Ocean Platform Next Week
The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, complete with "hypersonic grid fins," that SpaceX will attempt to land on a floating platform in the Atlantic Ocean as part of a Dec. 16, 2014 launch.
December 9th, 2014
During a Dec. 16 launch from Florida's Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, SpaceX will try to bring the first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket back to Earth in a controlled landing on a floating platform in the Atlantic Ocean.
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Will Space Tourism Survive Virgin Galactic's Tragic Spaceship Crash?
SpaceShipTwo's 3rd Rocket-Powered Test Flight
November 6th, 2014
Friday's tragic accident will delay Virgin Galactic's progress and may also result in more governmental oversight of the company and others that seek to launch paying customers to space, experts say. But space tourism itself should survive.
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