Thirty Years of NASA Space Shuttle Missions

NASA's space shuttle fleet is hanging up its wings after 30 years. The first shuttle flight, STS-1, launched on April 12, 1981.
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Lego Spaceport Set Is Out of This World: Q&A with Its Designers
Lego Spaceport Kit
November 10th, 2015
We finally got our hands on Lego's new Spaceport set, and it was awesome — so we reached out to the kit's designers to hear more about it.
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Private Dream Chaser Space Plane Poised for New Flight Tests in 2016
Sub-Orbital Dream Chaser
October 8th, 2015
The Dream Chaser space plane, which would continue the legacy of NASA's shuttle program, is getting ready for a second stage of flight testing.
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Nichelle Nichols, African-American Astronauts Honored at Gala
Nichelle Nichols, Lt. Uhura, Star Trek
September 16th, 2015
During an award ceremony last month, the organization Shades of Blue recognized Nichelle Nichols — Lt. Uhura from the original "Star Trek" series — for her role in recruiting women and minorities to become NASA astronauts.
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Halloween in Space: A Vampire Astronaut and Nightmare in Orbit
Clayton Anderson in Vampire Cape
October 31st, 2015
You might masquerade as an astronaut for Halloween, but what about when astronauts dress up? Here's how one spacefarer celebrated the spooky season.
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Astronauts Are Stars in New Art Posters Launched on Kickstarter
Astronaut Poster by uniphi
October 7th, 2015
A marketing agency that represents former NASA astronauts is launching a unique take on its clients' spacesuited portraits, working with a popular print house to create a series of limited edition, illustrated art posters that celebrate the space traveler
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Boeing Opens Renovated Shuttle Facility for 'Starliner' Crewed Space Capsule
Boeing's Starliner Facility at Kennedy Space Center
September 4th, 2015
Boeing opened the doors to its commercial spacecraft processing facility, signaling the grand opening of the repurposed shuttle-era building and revealing Starliner as the name of the CST-100 crewed capsules that will be assembled for launch inside.
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2nd Woman Shuttle Commander Recounts Spaceflight Joys, Challenges
Astronaut Melroy Floating
August 7th, 2015
Former NASA astronaut Pamela Melroy recently shared her experiences and insights about spaceflight and exploration.
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NASA Manager George Mueller, 'Father of Space Shuttle,' Dies at 97
George Mueller, NASA Associate Administrator
October 16th, 2015
George Mueller, who from 1963 to 1969 led NASA's manned space flight efforts through the first moon landing and who was credited as the "father of the space shuttle," died on Oct. 12 after a brief illness. He was 97.
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Astronaut Sally Ride's Personal Items, Papers Acquired by Smithsonian
Ride in NASA T-38 Training Jet
October 6th, 2015
In life, astronaut Sally Ride privately put into order her personal objects, artifacts, awards and papers, which will now forever represent her as America's first woman in space in the National Air and Space Museum.
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Photos Show How NASA Removed Tanks from Retired Space Shuttles for Station
Shuttle Endeavour's Water Tanks
August 27th, 2015
Behind-the-scenes photographs reveal how the water storage tanks deep inside NASA's space shuttles Atlantis and Endeavour were extracted by the space agency for their use onboard the International Space Station.
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