Transit of Venus Across the Sun 2012: Latest News

Get the latest news and tips for the rare Venus transit across the sun on June 6, 2012. The next one is in 2117!
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Brilliant Venus to Join Jupiter and Mars in Pre-Dawn Sky Monday: How To See It
Venus, Oct. 26, 2015
October 21st, 2015
Venus has been dominating the morning sky for the past two months, and Monday (Oct. 26), it will form a vivid tableau with Jupiter and Mars as it reaches its farthest point from the sun.
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Red Planet Meets Blue Star: Mars Teams with Regulus Friday Morning
Mars and Regulus, Sept. 25, 2015
September 24th, 2015
The two celestial objects form a striking "double star" about one-quarter of the way up in the eastern sky one hour before sunrise through the end of September. They are closest together early Friday morning (Sept. 25).
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Planets on Parade in the November Sky: How and When to See Them
Venus in November 2015
November 3rd, 2015
Although the bright planets disappear from the evening sky in November, the predawn hours feature a planetary parade. Here are some gorgeous planet-watching events to look for in the coming weeks.
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October's Planets on Parade: How and When to See Them
Moon, Venus and Regulus, October 2015
October 5th, 2015
Here's a guide for October skywatchers: First catch Saturn, then Jupiter, Mars and Venus, and finally Mercury in the night sky as this month's planetary parade begins.
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What's That Strange Bright Dot in the Morning Sky?
September 8th, 2015
If you see a bright light just above the horizon at sunrise, don't panic! It's not a UFO — it's probably just Venus.
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