Transit of Venus Across the Sun 2012: Latest News

Get the latest news and tips for the rare Venus transit across the sun on June 6, 2012. The next one is in 2117!
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Heavy-Metal Frost May Coat Mountains On Venus
Radar image of Venus' Ovda highlands region. The bright areas are highland plateaus, and the curious dark spots are mysterious areas at the highest elevations.
January 22nd, 2015
A re-analysis of data gathered by a NASA spacecraft more than 20 years ago suggests that exotic heavy-metal frost may be present in the mountains and highlands of Venus.
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Planet Venus to Dazzle Stargazers in 2015 Night Sky
Venus in January 2015
January 2nd, 2015
Currently hovering very low in the southwest twilight sky near the setting sun these evenings is the most brilliant of the planets: Venus. And in the New Year, this planet will truly shine.
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Scientists Observe Solar System Planets Like Alien Worlds
Many Moons Graphic
January 11th, 2015
Getting a handle on what rocky worlds in our solar system would look like from afar will give us a basis for comparison as we seek out distant, habitable exoplanets.
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Venus Gets Weirder: CO2 Oceans May Have Covered Surface
This image shows the surface of the northern hemisphere of Venus as observed by NASA's Magellan radar-mapping spacecraft, which peered through the planet's thick clouds during a mission that ended in 1994. Scientists now suspect Venus may have once harbor
December 28th, 2014
Venus may have once possessed strange oceans of carbon dioxide fluid that helped shape the planet's surface, researchers say.
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Venus Express to Flame Out in Blaze of Glory
Venus Express
December 17th, 2014
Already running on fumes as its fuel reserves dwindled, Venus Express' most recent attempts at maintaining its altitude fell short.
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Sun to Outshine Spectacular Cosmic Alignment Saturday
Conjunction of Nov. 22, 2014
November 21st, 2014
The morning sky will play host to a spectacular gathering of solar system objects grouped closely together tomorrow (Nov. 22), but it won't be easy for observers on Earth to see it.
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Venus Points the Way to Mercury in Night Sky This Week
Mercury and Venus in January 2015
January 8th, 2015
The hard-to-spot planet Mercury can be found near Venus just after sunset this week, offering a great chance to see the closest planet to sun. Here's how to see Mercury and Venus together in January's night sky.
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Christmas Night Sky Brings Cosmic Holiday Views
Christmas auroras shine over Abisko National Park in Sweden on Christmas 2013.
December 25th, 2014
While lights decorating Christmas trees twinkle indoors, the stars of the Christmas sky shine brightly during the last week of 2014.
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European Venus Express Spacecraft May Be Out of Fuel
Artist's concept of Europe's Venus Express spacecraft, which has been studying Venus from orbit since 2006.
December 7th, 2014
On Nov. 28, mission controllers lost contact with the European Space Agency's Venus Express spacecraft, which has been circling Earth's hellishly hot "sister planet" for more than eight years. The probe may have run out of fuel, its handlers say.
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