Ares I-X Test Flight a Success, NASA Says

October 28, 2010 02:37pm ET
NASA is calling its Ares I-X test launch today a success after a day of delay due to weather. The rocket blasted off at 11:30 a.m. EDT (1530 GMT), with its solid rocket motor first stage separating as planned from a dummy upper stage two minutes later. The first stage has splashed down under parachutes in the Atlantic Ocean. A recovery ship will retrieve it to be returned to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center spaceport. The dummy upper stage crashed into the ocean and sank, as planned. Click here for the full story from SPACE.com reporter Clara Moskowitz at the Kennedy Space Center.

SEPARATION! Ares I-X First Stage Separates as Planned

October 28, 2010 09:22am ET
The Ares I-X rocket’s first stage, a giant solid rocket motor, has separated as planned about 26 miles above Earth. The first stage will parachute back to Earth, while the dummy second stage, Orion crew capsule and abort tower will continue on a parabolic trajectory to a height of 28 miles before crashing into the ocean. Watch it LIVE on NASA TV. Click here to read the launch preview story. Click here for SPACE.com’s NASA TV feed.
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