Investigate the retro sci-fi realm of Simon Stålenhag in new 'Tales From the Loop: The Board Game'

Sweden's Free League Publishing is releasing "Tales From The Loop: The Board Game" on Feb. 8, but you'll have to wait until September to find it on Amazon.
Sweden's Free League Publishing is releasing "Tales From The Loop: The Board Game" on Feb. 8, but you'll have to wait until September to find it on Amazon. (Image credit: Free League Publishing)

Fans who absorbed the surreal and somber world of Amazon Prime's sci-fi series, "Tales From the Loop," might want to take note of Sweden's Free League Publishing as they plan to roll out a new tabletop board game based on the hit TV show and artist Simon Stålenhag's retro-inspired universe of fringe technology scattered across stark European landscapes.

This new cooperative amusement was forged from a successful Kickstarter campaign that funded in just three short hours and will be available for purchase starting Feb. 8 at the publisher's webshop, local retailers, and some online outlets. On Amazon, the board game is available for pre-order for $79.99 and will begin shipping on Sept. 2. So if you may have to wait a few months if you want to pick it up from Amazon.

Tales From the Loop The Board Game:

Tales From the Loop The Board Game: $79.99 at Amazon (Sept. 2022 pre-order)

Dive into the haunting sci-fi world of artist Simon Stålenhag's Tales From The Loop universe with this new board game coming soon. 

Artist Simon Stålenhag's retro-inspired Tales From The Loop books have made the leap to role-playing game, TV series and now board game. (Image credit: Free League Publishing)

Free League Publishing is notable for its formidable roster of award-winning, officially-licensed roleplaying games for franchises like "Alien," Blade Runner," and "The Lord of the Rings."

Also added to their immersive product lineup are the Simon Stålenhag art books: "Tales From The Loop," "Things From The Flood," "The Electric State," and "The Labyrinth." They have also published oversized illustrated editions of the H.P. Lovecraft classics, "At the Mountains of Madness - Volume 1 and 2" and "The Call of Cthulhu" by internationally recognized French artist François Baranger.

In "Tales From The Loop: The Board Game,"Stålenhag's wondrously weird world of discarded machines, forsaken robots, and scrapped AI contraptions takes center stage amid the titanic cooling towers of the islands' thrumming Bona Reactor, rising above the vast underground experimental research facility responsible for scattered trash and odd area occurrences.

Tales From The Loop: The Board Game

A look at the Tales From The Loop: The Board Game. (Image credit: Free League Publishing)

Gameplay finds you and up to four other companions joining forces to investigate the myriad mysteries emanating from this unsettling subterranean laboratory called "The Loop" and the threatening paranormal effects on the mundane rural surroundings in its proximity. Check out Free League's most recent trailer below.

Gamers inhabit the roles of inquisitive local youngsters that seek out bizarre technological leftovers from The Loop's robotic and physics experiments, beginning each day at school before venturing out to explore the landscape after class ends.

"Tales From the Loop: The Board Game" arrives February 8 and comes nicely equipped with rulebooks, eight playable scenarios, character standees, gaming tokens, eight six-sided dice, a beautifully printed island game map, as well as six detailed miniatures adapted from Stålenhag's timeless robot designs by Dust Studio.

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