Neil deGrasse Tyson's new StarTalk TV streaming channel launches on Pluto TV

Spreading the universal wit and wisdom of celebrity astrophysicist, author, humorist and TV host Neil deGrasse Tyson, StarTalk is one of the most popular educational podcasts in the world. 

First arriving on Earth back in 2009, the internet show features engaging discussions on NASA and international space missions, time travel, physics, astronomy, planetary science, black holes, the search for life, and how these topics intersect with pop culture and comedy. The National Geographic Channel also aired an Emmy-nominated spinoff StarTalk TV series from 2015-2019 encompassing 76 total episodes.

Now the StarTalk podcast network has taken one giant leap onto the 24-hour Pluto TV network with a new channel called StarTalk TV. It's already live and available for fans to stream on Pluto TV's free, ad-supported home and can be located within the platform's History + Science section. For this exciting enterprise, StarTalk has joined forces with acclaimed creator company Jellysmack to develop its first ever live linear channel presenting provocative content for all humankind.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson in promotional art for StarTalk TV. (Image credit: Pluto TV)

Here's the official description:

"StarTalk TV showcases the expertise of renowned astrophysicist and Hayden Planetarium Director, Neil deGrasse Tyson, alongside his comedic co-hosts, distinguished scientists, and guest celebrities such as Mayim Bialik, Jason Sudeikis, Jack Black and Lindsey Vonn. StarTalk TV makes cosmic phenomena accessible to Pluto TV viewers, delving deep into captivating topics from space travel and extraterrestrial life to the Big Bang, the science behind iconic pop culture moments, and mind-blowing discoveries from across the universe."

"We are thrilled to bring StarTalk to Pluto TV," said host Tyson in a press release. "At StarTalk, we transform complex science into fun and accessible content for everyone -- especially for those who might think science is neither interesting nor relevant to their lives. We look forward to sharing our unique cosmic perspectives with the Pluto TV audience, as we continue to bring the universe down to Earth."

This latest endeavor greatly expands Tyson's and StarTalk's global scope and reach beyond their 25 million social media followers, which currently consists of daily content delivered to an eclectic audience spanning traditional and digital platforms.

"Welcoming the StarTalk TV channel into our streaming orbit gives our viewers the opportunity to explore content that inspires curiosity and fosters a deeper understanding of the universe," adds Amy Kuessner, EVP Programming, Pluto TV. "This newest addition reinforces Pluto TV as not only a source of endless entertainment, but also a wellspring of education and knowledge to everyone, anytime, anywhere."

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