Spacefaring adventure Deliver Us Mars sets a course for consoles and PCs

Deliver Us Mars_main logo_KeokeN Interactive
(Image credit: KeokeN Interactive)

Deliver Us Mars, a new sci-fi adventure from Dutch developer KeokeN Interactive has been announced for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and PC.

The follow-up from 2019’s Deliver Us the Moon will send players to the red planet, as the title suggests, where they’ll step into the spacesuit of a new protagonist ten years after the last game’s lunar adventure.

Revealed via a new teaser trailer rendered with in-engine footage, fans can see the remains of a crashed space vessel and a lone survivor walking off onto Mars’ unmistakable red dunes and cliffs in search of her drone companion.

The character also picks up a climbing axe, with the accompanying press release stating that players will be able to traverse Mars’ craggy terrain in all of its verticality.

As with Deliver Us the Moon, the game is set in a timeline where humanity is forced to colonize the stars due to depleted resources on Earth. KeokeN is promising “lovingly created sound, motion capture, and visual design” too.

The game will be published by Frontier Foundry, the publishing arm of UK developer Frontier that helped launch recent releases including Warhammer 40,000 Chaos Gate: Daemon Hunters and Far: Changing Tides.

Speaking at the announcement, KeokeN Interactive’s co-founders said, “Joining forces with Frontier Foundry enables KeokeN Interactive to fully achieve the goals and ambitions we set ourselves for Deliver Us Mars.”

“We are extremely excited about this partnership, knowing the sci-fi specialists at Frontier are looking over our shoulder,” they add, likely referring to Frontier’s own space exploration title, Elite Dangerous.

Deliver Us the Moon was well received, with the PS4 version reaching a 77 Metacritic score. The game has been praised for its sense of tension, lack of traditional gameplay mechanics (such as combat), and fun puzzle solving.

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