Apollo and Beyond: Moon Missions Star in Summer CuriosityStream Coverage

The moon takes center stage in CuriosityStream's summer programming.
The moon takes center stage in CuriosityStream's summer programming. (Image credit: NASA/Ernie Wright)

NASA's drive to send humans back to the moon — as well as coverage of the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing — will be showcased in new documentaries on streaming service CuriosityStream.

A 4K original documentary film called "Return to the Moon" will debut on June 13 on the streaming service. The documentary will focus on the plans being developed by NASA and other global space entities to send humans back to the moon in the coming years. In the U.S., President Donald Trump's administration wants to land astronauts on the moon by 2024, and several American companies also have lunar plans.

"From the private companies SpaceX and Blue Origin, to global superpowers China, Russia, the European Union and the United States, the most powerful individuals and nations on Earth are determined to conquer the moon and use it as a base to explore the stars," CuriosityStream said in a statement.

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This documentary will examine how humans will build permanent settlements on the moon and use in-situ resources such as helium-3, a potential source for power, the company's statement continued. 

Lunar and space content will air every Monday under an initiative nicknamed "New Moon Mondays." One example is the documentary "Hack the Moon: Unsung Heroes of Apollo," which will premiere June 24. The partnership between Sugar Films and the not-for-profit Draper Laboratory includes content from Draper's website dedicated to Apollo engineers and scientists.

"In addition, former NASA rocket scientist and CuriosityStream's brand ambassador for all things space, Kevin J. DeBruin, provides CuriosityStream fans with his expert insight on spacecraft, cosmic worlds and the universe's most sought-after secrets through social media and direct fan interactions," CuriosityStream added. "New Moon Mondays also features extraordinary documentaries on all aspects of space, including 'Living Universe,' 'Space Probes,' 'Lunar Rover,' 'The Apollo Moon Landings' and 'Mystery Signals from Space.'"

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