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Special Report: SOHO in Peril


On Thursday, June 19, 2003, was the first to report that

This is a collection of's ongoing coverage

19 June 2003 - 08:32

The Sun-observing SOHO spacecraft is experiencing a

19 June 2003 - 04:25

The possible interruption of regular daily images

23 June 2003 - 07:00 a.m. ET

Earth's first line of

27 June 2003 - 08:45 a.m. ET

An antenna glitch has

03 July 2003 - 02:10 p.m. ET

Scientific operation of a critical Sun-watching satellite has been regained after engineers devised patchwork solutions that include making use of more powerful ground radio dishes to reduce data losses. However, the on-going problem with SOHO has put a crimp on using the one-of-a-kind spacecraft as a vital space weather forecasting tool.

17 July 2003 - 11:40 a.m. ET

The Sun-watching SOHO spacecraft is back in full operational mode after a partial blackout period that raised serious concerns among space weather forecasters. The probe could survive until 2008, when a replacement probe could be launched has learned.

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