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In Pictures: Sierra Nevada's Dream Chaser Aces Glide Test Flight

Wheels Down

Ken Ulbrich/NASA

Using results from this Free-Flight test, engineers can perfect the aerodynamics of the Dream Chaser, making it even safer for future flights.

Catching Some Air

Ken Ulbrich/NASA

As the full-scale test vehicle is raised by the Chinook helicopter on Nov. 13, 2017, Sierra Nevada Corporation looks to the future of this spacecraft.


Ken Ulbrich/NASA

The Dream Chaser spacecraft is readied for the atmospheric Free-Flight test.

Suspended Suspense

Ken Ulbrich/NASA

Rising high into the atmosphere, the Dream Chaser begins the atmospheric Free-Flight test.


Ken Ulbrich/NASA

The Flight Crew prepares Sierra Nevada Corporation's full-scale Dream Chaser test vehicle for the upcoming Free-Flight test.

Last Minute Checks

Ken Ulbrich/NASA

The Flight Crew for the Dream Chaser spacecraft completes preflight checks before the craft participates in the monumental test.

Future at Hand

Ken Ulbrich/NASA

Sierra Nevada Corporation's Dream Chaser spacecraft looks to be the next phase in NASA's journey into space.

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