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Gemini 5: Inside NASA's First 8-Day Space Mission of 1965

Mission Success


On August 29, 1965, Astronauts L. Gordon Cooper, Jr., and Charles Conrad, Jr., exit the Gemini-5 spacecraft completing a successful mission. Navy divers assist them during the recovery operation.

Up to Safety


Following a successful end to the Gemini-5 mission, astronaut L. Gordon Cooper, Jr., waits in the raft below while astronaut Charles Conrad, Jr., is raised to the recover helicopter.

Recovering the Capsule


Part of the recovery efforts includes bringing the Gemini-5 spacecraft aboard the USS Lake Champlain, the recovery vessel.

Relating the Experience


On September 9, 1965, Dr. Robert R. Gilruth, L. Gordon Cooper, Jr. and Charles Conrad, Jr., participate in a press conference about the Gemini-5 mission.

Gemini 5 Mission Flag

Friends of Freeman Library/Brian Kissell

A U.S. flag flown on NASA's Gemini 5 mission was found among the Clear Lake Theatre time capsule contents on April 20, 2016.

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