Poll: If You Could Take a Solar System Vacation, Where Would You Go?

If you could vacation anywhere in the solar system, where would it be?

  • Mercury! It's closest to the sun, making it a great (& hot) place to catch some rays.
  • Venus! An adventurous planet that's hotter than Mercury & has a toxic atmosphere.
  • Saturn! Ah, those glorious rings are calling out for appreciation.
  • Mars! The Red Planet is a frontier world — that's my kind of place.
  • Jupiter! It's the king of planets! Who wouldn't want to go see the Great Red Spot?
  • Earth! Our homeworld is just right, with oceans, air and comfortable temperatures.
  • Uranus! A tilted planet with its own rings? Count me in!
  • Neptune! This planet can have supersonic winds, so it's no breeze!
  • Pluto! We know it's a dwarf planet, but we still love it!
  • Planet Nine?! A truly undiscovered world, if we can actually find it.
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