A Photo Tour of the Palomar Observatory (Gallery)

The Palomar Observatory in southern California

Nola Taylor Redd

The Palomar Observatory in Southern California, the home of the iconic Hale telescope, was a powerhouse of astronomical discoveries for many years. Here's a photo tour inside the historic facility. Read the full article here.


Nola Taylor Redd

Hard hats near the door make the observatory's basement feel a little like a construction site.

Dim hallways

Nola Taylor Redd

The dimly lit hallways carry an orange tint used in many observatories at night.

Back to the beginning

Nola Taylor Redd

Sketches of the Hale telescope and other telescopes decorate one of the observatory's hallways.


Nola Taylor Redd

Massive beams support the 530-ton Hale telescope.

Separate supports

Nola Taylor Redd

Stretching across the ceiling, the beams keep the telescope separate from the building support, to reduce unwanted movement of the instrument.


Nola Taylor Redd

The vacuum chamber on the lower level is used to clean smaller mirrors.


Nola Taylor Redd

Clamps and bolts of varying sizes.

Stairway to...

Nola Taylor Redd

A metal stairway ascends to the second floor, where the Hale telescope awaits.

Hale telescope

Nola Taylor Redd

The bottom half of the Hale telescope. The original eyepiece was replaced by electronics.

Out and beyond

Nola Taylor Redd

Peering up through the telescope to the dome beyond.

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Nola Taylor Tillman
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