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Alien Life, Landscapes and the Art of Space (Gallery)

Wayne Barlowe (Page 193)

(C) Wayne Barlowe

Barlowe's Daggerwrist is one member of the menagerie of creatures that inhabit the artist's imaginary planet, Darwin. Living exclusively in the dwindling pocket-forests of the planet, these social, arborial creatures — Barlowe tells us — have "piton-like forelimbs, gliding membranes and powerful ricochetal hind-limbs" that make them "perfectly adapted for life in the tree-tops."

Alan Bean (Page 37)

(C) Alan Bean

This 2004 work is by American astronaut-artist Alan Bean, who walked on the moon as part of the Apollo 12 team. This image appeared in "The Art of Space" (Zenith Press, 2014).

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