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Moonwalker Buzz Aldrin 'Lands' on Mars in Hilarious Jockey Ad

Famed Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin may have walked on the moon, but the folks behind Jockey underwear think they could have helped him conquer the galaxy. A new ad, unveiled on Twitter and YouTube by no less than Aldrin himself, shows what might have happened if the moonwalker took Jockey to the moon. 

The 30-second ad opens with a stately introduction, oddly disarming for an ad about disrobing. "Imagine if Buzz had worn today's Jockey underwear," says a narrator. "He would have planted a flag on all the planets … giving America dibs on the entire Milky Way." [Tim Tebow Plays Moon Football in Super Bowl Ad]

Then, hilarity ensues as Jockey's version of "Buzz" not only parks the Eagle lander on Mars, but also a volcano world and an ice planet near some even larger world. He even swats away asteroids just after punching out an alien while exclaiming: "You're not mankind!"

The ad apparently even entertained Aldrin, who hyped the Jockey spot in a in a Twitter post Sunday (Aug. 17). 

"45 years ago, I walked on the moon. In @Jockey's new #SupportingGreatness ad, I go even further," Aldrin wrote.  

It's tongue-in-cheek for sure (everyone knows you can't just wear briefs under spacesuit, you need a cooling garment!), but definitely a lot of fun. And it is great to know that Buzz Aldrin, who is 84, still can have a laugh.

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