Famed Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin may have walked on the moon, but the folks behind Jockey underwear think they could have helped him conquer the galaxy. A new ad, unveiled on Twitter and YouTube by no less than Aldrin himself, shows what might have happened if the moonwalker took Jockey to the moon. 

The 30-second ad opens with a stately introduction, oddly disarming for an ad about disrobing. "Imagine if Buzz had worn today's Jockey underwear," says a narrator. "He would have planted a flag on all the planets … giving America dibs on the entire Milky Way." [Tim Tebow Plays Moon Football in Super Bowl Ad]

Then, hilarity ensues as Jockey's version of "Buzz" not only parks the Eagle lander on Mars, but also a volcano world and an ice planet near some even larger world. He even swats away asteroids just after punching out an alien while exclaiming: "You're not mankind!"

The ad apparently even entertained Aldrin, who hyped the Jockey spot in a in a Twitter post Sunday (Aug. 17). 

"45 years ago, I walked on the moon. In @Jockey's new #SupportingGreatness ad, I go even further," Aldrin wrote.  

It's tongue-in-cheek for sure (everyone knows you can't just wear briefs under spacesuit, you need a cooling garment!), but definitely a lot of fun. And it is great to know that Buzz Aldrin, who is 84, still can have a laugh.

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