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STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Reveals New Footage, Behind-the-Scenes Commentary

Star Trek Into Darkness: Shuttlecraft
Enterprise captain James Kirk (Chris Pine) and First Officer Spock (Zachary Quinto) ride a shuttlecraft with Carol Marcus (Alice Eve) in this still from 'Star Trek Into Darkness.' (Image credit: Paramount Pictures)

Update: Now with a Keith Urban (Bones) clip, added right to the top!

Original Story: Star Trek Into Darkness is only a week away for those who've picked up their early screening passes, with wider opening the following night at 9pm and a full opening at midnight, just three hours later.

Star Trek Into Darkness Still (Image credit: Paramount)

Naturally, that means it is time for a final media blitz. Via the Are You the 1701? website, we have two new images and five new videos that we've uncovered, many seen less than a couple hundred times. Each video goes behind-the-scenes with a different person: J.J. Abrams (Director), Alice Eve (Dr. Carol Marcus), Chris Pine (Kirk), Simon Pegg (Scotty), and John Cho (Sulu), and each includes brand new footage for your viewing pleasure.

Make sure to check out the two new images (click the header for a larger version), and the videos below.

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