Amazing Lyrid Meteor Shower Photos for 2013

Lyrid Meteor Over Southern Maryland

Jeff Berkes

Astrophotographer Jeff Berkes captured this Lyrid meteor in the marshlands of southern Maryland on April 14, 2013.

Lyrid Meteor Shower Over Tucson, Ariz.

Sean Parker /

Astrophotographer Sean Parker captured this 12-photo panorama showing two Lyrid meteors over the Catalina Mountains just outside Tucson, Ariz., on April 21, 2013.

2013 Lyrid Meteors Over New Haven, Missouri

Adam Gerdes

Astrophotographer Adam Gerdes sent in a photo of Lyrid meteors taken over New Haven, Missouri. Image submitted April 22, 2013.

Lyrid Meteor Over Myton, Utah

Lewis Cooper/

Astrophotographer Lewis Cooper sent in a photo of a Lyrid meteor over Myton, Utah. He writes: " ... I saw a great one just as I was setting up the camera." Image submitted April 22, 2013.

Lyrid Meteors and the Milky Way Over Hope Valley, California.

Mark Lissick/Wildlight Nature Photography

Astrophotographer Mark Lissick sent in a photo of Lyrid meteors and the Milky Way, taken on April 22, 2013, in Hope Valley, California (near Lake Tahoe).

Lyrid Meteor Over Milton, Vermont

Elisabeth Finstad

Astrophotographer Elisabeth Finstad took this shot of a Lyrid meteor over Milton, Vermont, on April 22, 2013. She writes: "It was 28 degrees out and the sky was clear as a bell. 15 minutes later the sun's light had washed out most of the sky."

Lyrid Meteor Over Tucson, Arizona

B.G. Boyd

Astrophotographer B. G. Boyd sent in a photo of a Lyrid meteor over Tucson, Arizona, taken on April 22, 2013.

2013 Lyrid Meteor Shower


This sky map shows where to look in the eastern night sky on night of April 21 and the predawn hours of April 22 for the 2013 Lyrid meteor shower.

2013 Lyrid Meteor Over Joshua Tree National Park

Brian Helm/

Astrophotographer Brian Helm sent in a photo of a Lyrid meteor over Joshua Tree National Park, CA. Image submitted April 22, 2013.

2013 Lyrid Meteor Over Westborough, MA

Jonathan S. McElvery

Astrophotographer Jonathan S. McElvery sent in a photo of a Lyrid meteor over Westborough, MA, taken April 22, 2013.

2013 Lyrid Meteor Over Saguaro Lake

Eric Bender

Astrophotographer Eric Bender sent in a photo of a Lyrid meteor taken at Saguaro Lake, just outside of Phoenix, AZ, on April 21, 2013. He writes: "Being so close to the city greatly reduced the quality of the images due to the light pollution."

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