One toddler's fascination with the moon — and her adorable attempt to reach out and grab it — has become a hit on YouTube.

"Look! The moon! A moon! See the moon!" says the girl, named Kayla, who was a little over 2 years old in the video.

"Can you get it?" asks her father from behind the camera. But after jumping up and down with her hand outstretched to grab it, Kayla determines: "No, I can't reach it."

Her father uploaded the video on YouTube, where it has been viewed over 700,000 times. He wrote in the description that Kayla "has been obsessed with the moon since before she could talk."

"Any time there is a clear view of the moon, she will excitedly shriek 'THE MOON! THE MOON! THE! MOOOON!'. This was one of those moments, and it's actually just after her initial freak out," he wrote.

Kayla's fellow lunatics were treated to this month's full moon on Monday (Feb. 25). February's full moon is traditionally called the "Snow Moon," because the heaviest snows of the year often fall in this month in North America, or the "Full Hunger Moon," because hunting is often difficult in February and food was scarce for ancient tribes.

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