Photos: Visions of Future Space Habitats & Artificial Ecosystems

Biomodd, Philippines, 2009

Angelo Vermeulen

Biomodd [LBA2], Philippines, 2009, installation view at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, Manila. In collaboration with the University of the Philippines Open University.

Blue Shift, Belgium, 2005

Angelo Vermeulen

Angelo Vermeulen & Luc De Meester, Blue Shift [LOG. 1], 2005, installation view at the Warande Cultural Centre, Turnhout, Belgium. In collaboration with Philips Lighting and the University of Leuven.

H4aC (Habitat for a Commensal), Brussels, 2012

Angelo Vermeulen

Angelo Vermeulen, H4aC (Habitat for a Commensal), 2012, KANAL, Oostrozebeke, Belgium. Habitat sculpture designed in collaboration with the employees of A&S Energy.

BODYREACTOR, Brussels, 2011

Angelo Vermeulen

Angelo Vermeulen & Tine Holvoet, BODYREACTOR, 2011, Beursschouwburg, Brussels, Belgium. Rotating wall vessel bioreactors containing Rhodospirillum rubrum cultures inside participatory sculpture. In collaboration with the MELiSSA research program of ESA.

H4aC (Habitat for a Commensal), Oostrozebeke, Belgium, 2012

Pieter Steyaert

Angelo Vermeulen, H4aC (Habitat for a Commensal), 2012, KANAL, Oostrozebeke, Belgium. Data visualization designed by Pieter Steyaert: a digital life form ‘feeds’ on the production data of the power plant.

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